Promote your business through a Know, Like & Ignite showcase live event.  Know, Like & Ignite offers hosting opportunities for our Social Media Education events. We call them Showcase Events.We’ve held our seminars at interesting business locations like the main floor of Staples, a break room in Office Depot, an Art Gallery, a Museum, chambers and libraries..

Hosting an event is great exposure for a business or non-profit who would like to reach local business owners who attend our social media and email marketing seminars. As a Host, you provide the venue and Know, Like & Ignite provides the presentation. Showcase Events basically take place at your place, or you can make the arrangement for a location like a library or chamber. We promote your business on the event registration page and also during the presentation.

The event host will have the opportunity to give a 5-10 minute presentation about their business, hand out materials and place a display at the event. Depending on the venue, sometimes the host can offer a tour of their facility following the presentation.

A Showcase Event is a great way to get people to your location while at the same time providing a valuable service to your community.

We are part of a very small team of Constant Contact Authorized Local Experts which means we are authorized to present several different workshops that provide cutting edge practices and resources.   These presentation are sponsored by Constant Contact and they help promote our events.

Business owners and non-profit professionals enjoy attending these events. Not only do they learn valuable information but they have the opportunity to connect and network with others.

Requirements for the venue:

  • They can NOT charge admission to the attendees
  • A screen or white wall to project on must be provided
  • Provide a quiet space that will not be interrupted during the presentation
  • Provide tables – one for the laptop and projector and one for the sign-in/registration
  • Have adequate chairs and room for seating – we will need to know the capacity of the room before hand so that we can cap registration accordingly
  • Have clean and well maintained facility/space
  • Have available parking
  • Ideally have WiFi internet access (this is not requirement, but it is preferred)
  • Have time allocated for set-up and tear down. At least one (1) hour prior to the start of the presentation for set up and one half  (1/2) hour after the scheduled presentation to tear down. NOTE: Presentation length is generally 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Most hosts provide drinks and refreshments but it is not a requirement

NOTE: we will need to take a tour of your business to determine if this is a good fit for our presentations.

You will have an opportunity at the event to ask people attending if they would like to join your email list or stay connected with you on your social media networks.

Since these events are generally presented at no cost to the attendees, we do NOT have a budget for room rental and or other venue costs. The venue must be provided at no cost.

These sessions are information driven and are not designed for a sales pitch or self-promotion. The goal of our educational seminars is to provide valuable information that businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs can use.

If you would like to book an event with us, message us or use the contact form so we can connect.

To get started, we will need to coordinate schedules.  The times that work best are from 11am -1pm (this is the presentation time and does not include set-up and tear down).  We like to book most of our event on Tuesdays and Thursdays.