What is Trust Guard?
Trust Guard is a website security company that provides Premium PCI Security Scanning Services to businesses world wide. We are also the #1 Privacy Policy and Business Verification service provider online. By offering all 3 of these incredible services together in one place, we are able to provide website owners like you with a unique and powerful solution that protects both your company and your customer’s Security, Privacy, and Identity. Below is a breakdown of our primary services:
PCI Security Scanning
PCI Compliant Scanning
The Payment Card Industry (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx etc.) is now requiring all merchants to be PCI Compliant. In order to meet the minimum PCI requirements, the merchant must successfully pass a Quarterly PCI scan. These intense scans search your website for vulnerabilities or security holes that hackers can use to exploit your website.

Trust Guard PCI Security Scanning with Seal

Here at Trust Guard we help you become PCI Compliant by scanning your website Daily, Weekly or Quarterly, and then generate official ASV certified reports based on the findings of each scan. This report gives you a full description of your vulnerabilities along with their severity and an explanation on how to fix them. We also give you access to our Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) wizard, along with helpful PCI Support should any issues arise.

Once you have successfully passed your PCI Scan you can display our Security Scanned seal on your website. Placing this seal on above the fold will instantly let your customers know that your site is secure and protected. Order Now!

Third Party Verification
Trust Seal
Your visitors need to reach a certain level of confidence and trust before they decide to buy from you. Trust Guard helps you accomplish this by acting as a trusted third party. We do this by providing professional Privacy Policy and Business Verification services, which help put your visitor’s concerns to rest. Here is more information regarding our verification services:

Privacy Policy Verification with Trust Seal

Privacy is a major concern for any online shopper. A comprehensive, professional Privacy Policy lets your visitors know what measures you take when it comes to their personal information. If you have an existing policy, we will verify it to make sure it covers our basic requirements. If you do not have one, we provide you exclusive access to our Professional Privacy Policy Generator – the #1 privacy policy builder in the world with over 187,064 privacy policies generated to date (a $97 value!).

Once verified, the Privacy Verified Seal can be placed anywhere on your website. $29/mo or $297/yr

Business Verification with Trust Seal

Statistically, 95% of your visitors want to know if your website is a real business. Here at Trust Guard we go through and verify your website’s business address, support email and support phone as well as other important information. Should any customer issues arise we also provide Private Dispute Resolution Services to help you actively protect your online reputation.

Once this information has been verified, we then issue your Business Verified Seal, so your visitors know that you are a company they can trust. Build Trust $29/mo or $297/yr