Importance of Being Organized when Working Virtually

Working virtually has become an important part of the global economy as it offers lots of benefits in terms of flexibility, cost and so on. Yet, it is very easy to become disorganized when you are working virtually especially as you work with customers or team members across several time zones and continents. And this disorganization could have severe impacts on the work being done.

Since the only interaction fellow team members, co-workers, or clients have with you is across the miles, there is even more of an awareness of how organized you are (or not). Consider the benefits of being organized:

  • It eliminates distractions

Distraction has always been one of the major challenges of working virtually, especially when you are working from home. Being organized gets rid of morale-damaging distraction and sets you up for success as a freelancer or small business owner. Apart from merely eliminating distractions, this will also ensure you get work done on time.

  • It builds trust

This is especially true if you are working as part of a team of freelancers with similar or different sets of skills. When you are organized and also get things done at the right time, other members of the team will be certain you can be trusted when it comes to getting your part of the work done.

  • It creates a sense of professionalism

The truth is that working virtually offers you so much freedom as there is probably nobody monitoring your work physically. This could bring complacency and loss of professionalism in your interaction and work. When you are organized, there will be a touch of professionalism in your work as well as conduct.

  • It creates a healthy balance between work and personal life

In many cases, the personal life of many freelancers, small business owners and other virtual workers have been sacrificed for their virtual work as they find it hard to strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. This failure to find a balance can results in lost relationships with friends and family members. Being organized as a virtual worker will essentially create a healthy balance between work and personal life, ensuring no one affects the other.

  • It creates good communication and cohesion

Whether you work as part of virtual team or you constantly need to deliver services to customers, there is need for you to have a good communication and cohesion with everybody you deal with. Being organized provides the clarity and focus demanded by long distance relationships and communication.

How to organize your work when working virtually:

  • Have clear and detailed goals for each day, week and month
  • Set a direction to follow in order to achieve your goals
  • Create a professional workspace for your virtual work
  • Always initiate good and professional communication with your customers and/or teammates

Importance of Taking Time for Planning Meeting with Yourself

The hustle and bustle of working to make a living and have the kind of life you would love to enjoy could be a big problem at times, and could even take a toll on the quality of your life. It is, therefore, essential for you to carve out time for yourself through calendar blocking to have enough time to reason about your life without any of other person being involved. This could also be a very useful goal management tactic if optimized.

Planning meeting with yourself can make so much difference in your life and give you the needed break that you have found elusive in recent time due to your commitment to your business.

Benefits of taking time to plan meeting with yourself

If you are still pondering on the essence of planning meeting with yourself, here are some important reasons that could propel you to ensure calendar blocking and create time for meeting with yourself:

  • It can help you keep focus

With your daily involvement in business, it is not uncommon for you to lose focus of some of the important things concerning your business and family; therefore, taking time for planning meeting with yourself can help you keep your eyes on the goals you have set for yourself and maintain focus. This shows that making time out for yourself to stay focused can be a useful strategy for goal management.

  • It can help you improve your creativity

Creativity sometimes demand thinking in a relaxed environment devoid of all kinds of activities that could affect your focus; hence, solitude, which can be found when you are meeting with yourself, can be helpful in improving your creativity.

  • It affords you the time and opportunity to learn more about yourself and your family

Though this benefit is quite personal, it can still influence your business and other areas of life.  Therefore, to improve the quality of your life, family and business, use calendar blocking to plan meeting with yourself.

How to take time to plan meeting with yourself

  1. Calendar blocking

This is about taking time away from your business activity to ensure you have enough time without any worries about business

  1. Make a date with yourself

Here, you need to schedule a certain time that you will be able to sit down, relax and think about yourself without having any form of external disturbance that can affect your reasoning

  1. Be resolute with your decision

You must be resolute with your decision to plan time for meeting with yourself as there may be many unforeseen circumstances that may want to disrupt your plan. Instead of allowing your plans to be disrupted, be resolute about your decision to meet yourself.

Stop worrying too much about what you need to achieve and get consumed in your thought, use calendar blocking strategy to create time for meeting with yourself, and use it as a goal management tactic to achieve your goals and live a better life.