 Log in to the Mobile App

1.  Go to your preferred internet browser: www.ulinknetwork.com/mobile

2.  Create a login by clicking on “Sign In”

3.  Then scroll down to green bar that says “Register Now”

4.  Enter in your email address and create your own user id and password. (Hint: your email address in our system is the one I’m using to send you this welcome message, so use this email address info if you ever need to have a new password sent to you, etc.)

5.  You will then immediately receive an email that will contain a link to “activate” your account.

6.  Then you can go to “My Account” and fill out your profile completely.

  a.  For additional information on how to set up and use the uLinkNetwork application, please see our Frequently Asked Questions     at   http://www.ulinknetwork.com/mobile/FAQs.php.

  b.  OR, if you still need help, contact your Group Leader.

7.  Email or text the email address that you use for Facebook so your group leader can invite you to the private Facebook group for your local club and for the eReferral Club.

   Like our public networking page: http://facebook.com/businessreferralclub

   Use the uLinkNetwork App (http://m.ulinknetwork.com):

    Make a referral.

    Invite a colleague who isn’t a member to attend your next meeting or an upcoming Open House event.

 Schedule uTime with one of the members in your group to learn more about what they offer and how you can partner.

 Attend your group meetings as scheduled.