Public Wifi Marketing is changing the way brick-and-mortar businesses grow and interact with their clients.

WiFi is changing
Traditionally it has been difficult for venues to benefit from providing free WiFi access. But now with Social WiFi, venues can provide WiFi which grows

their online marketing. The WiFi can be linked to social media profiles – increasing social media reach every time someone logs on with their social media profile, offer invaluable in-house customer analytics, loyaly programs and more!

Social RiseWiFi
Social RiseWiFi provides social media WiFi for your business either on your existing router or one of ours. Customers access your internet – known as a hotspot – and log on via their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, G+ account or email address.
The first time they log on, the customer is asked to ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ one of your social media pages. Each time they come back, they have the option to post a message on their timeline, to thank you for using your free WiFi or any customized message you choose!

There are many benefits in providing WiFi for your customers – rather than customers using their 3 or 4G connection including faster data downloads and emails or their own data plan limits their usage.
Here’s some information on WiFi and what it means for your business now.

Easy setup
With the Social RiseWiFi hotspot you can buy online, we configure everything for you including:
– Custom splash screen
– Your WiFi network name listed any way you choose
– The social media profiles you want to link to
– A strategic plan for messaging, loyalty programs and more!
– Marketing material to help you boost WiFi traffic

Data capture                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Once a customer finds your free, customized WiFi network, they’ll see your splash screen. Here they can access the Internet by using either a social media login, cell number or email address. We can also customize what you display such as offers and news content, adverting links and more! There are several ways to obtain these affordable systems completely free of charge. Ask us how!

Web traffic
With customers coming in and using your WiFi, you can direct them to a specific landing page. This will enable you to drive more website traffic and show them tailored content. In Google Analytics, Wifi will become one of your highest referrers of traffic.

Social media
Social RiseWiFi Marketing will grow your social media presence and increase the visibility of your business – exponentially, without having to pay for pay-per-click ads on facebook, as an example.
It gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers through social media, communicating with them to promote special offers and promotions, or sharing news they may be interested in.

Loyalty and sales
A study by Deloitte recently found that smartphone users will consistently return to a business that has WiFi – using the same one for more than 50 percent of trips. It also found that customers who go into a business to use free WiFi are 14 percent more likely to spend money there.That’s powerful repeat business, sales and customer loyalty for you.

Far beyond the simple data capture which a form log on can achieve, Social RiseWifi provides a Google Analytics-style interface which hosts a vast amount of information about who your customers are and how they interact with your venues or outlets.

Social RiseWiFi provides a legal and secure service. This gives you and our customers real peace of mind and protects you, the business owner from piracy and several other legal issues associated with your WiFi service.

Who We Help (Restaurants, Hotels, Spas and Stores)

Overloaded and Unsure about what marketing to focus on – that delivers results?

We know that people recommending and inspiring others to do more business with you is the most powerful marketing that resuilts in: Visibility ➩ Credibility ➩ Likeability ➩ Profitabiliy (which includes Recommendations, Referrals & Reviews)

Our Marketing Expertise is Online and Onsite

Online: Social Influences Behavior

Social does influence behavior. When you stay engaged with current customers and attract new ones on social media, you’ll see more repeat business and revenue.Get real business results with repeat business, referrals and revenue. Your customers rely on social networks to guide what they purchase and who they buy it from. They are on their phones, checking in and on other’s recommendations, and checking on you.

Onsite: Consumer to Consumer Marketing Reaching and Inspiring Others to Do More Business with You

Simple to share

With free WiFi to your customers and reach all their social friends instantly. Your customers get access to free and secure WiFi when they log in using their Social Media accounts.

Loyalty made simple

Customers login to Free WiFi with social media and automatically enroll in your custom loyalty program. No downloads, no apps, no key cards, just have them login and send them intelligent rewards and offers.

Reward repeat customers

Send intelligently created rewards straight over Free WiFi to your in-store customers and have them share their rewards to their friends over social media bringing you more customers.

Simple to Reach

Make it easy for customers to share any deals, coupons, newsletters, or other material on their social networks.