Reward + Loyalty Marketing for Small Business

Do you know who your most loyal customers?

Do you want to reward those who return often and bring their friends?

Of course you do! But then there’s that nagging how?

If you run an eCommerce business / online store, you know that your business lives and grows by its “click thru rate” (which means how many people come to your site; how often they go there; and that information is known for each unique visitor.

As a Brick + Mortar/ offline location, do you know your “walk thru rate” (how many people come to your site; how often they go there; and do you know that information for each unique visitor?

Want to know how exactly how many customers return after receiving an email?

What will you get?

Know exactly who walked back in your door.

A complete visit history and contact information for each of your customers.

Know your customer’s exact spending habits, gender, and age.

Delight your customers with free wifi and/or a complete rewards program.

Easy ability to send special offers to your customers and get reviews – easy peasy!

Finally, there is a painless way that we can win back customers. I often forget it is doing all of the work in the background. – Steve

We now have a highly efficient exceptionally targeted marketing effort. – Lucy

How can we do that?

If you have WiFi at your location, it’s a quick plug and use.

You get a rewards program created with you – from simple to complex – we’ll help you create the perfect program that fits you.

Your rewards program is displayed on a sleek tablet upfront or on their mobile phone when they login for free WiFi.

Your team members can easily redeem promotions on the tablet

 What to do next?

You have questions and you need specifics. Let’s talk!  Leave a message and your contact info here: