Podcast: Audio Branding and Sixieme Son

Colleen Fahey, U.S. Managing Director of Sixieme Son, the largest audio branding agency in the world shared:

Audio branding brings life and continuity – so when you hear the brand, it sounds like the brand – making every touch point a relationship-builder.

We cover

  • How important is it for the sound brand to fit in with whatever visual branding already exists?
  • What are the top audio branding dos and don’ts?
  • The top things marketers need to think about before creating an audio logo.
  • How do you scale audio branding for a small business?  Do you have any recommendations on ways a small brand can begin to craft an audio sound strategy or style guide?
  • In that same focus, what about an individual (personal brand) who is an executive or solo-entrepreneur?

Listen in.