Do it with You and Do it For You:  Personal Brand Coaching  for Employees

As you ready to launch into Act II in your life? Have you always been the boss and now you’re considering working for someone as an employee?  This coaching is specifically designed for business owners who are transitioning into being employees.

Everything that you’ve done in marketing yourself has been tied to marketing your business.  Now, it’s time to strike out and brand yourself and your take your entrepreneurial skills to someone else’s business.


eDelivery Plan

eDelivery Service Description

Personal Brand Assessment: Using our Personal Brand Assessment and your current social sites to gather the information we need to write a powerful & engaging profile and plan of action.

Audit of your current online presence:  Search and Social OptimizedYour profile is organically optimized to be found & seen by the right people. Optimization is focused on your specific goals.

Recommended next steps: An email reviewing the next steps to optimize and maximize your current social presence.

Your Personal Brand Story Profile: Your profile is created to tell your unique story which highlighting your skills & experiences. Your vision, purpose, values and passion are integral parts of your unique value and story and it needs to be told in a way that captures the reader and gives them a chance to sample your character and competence.

Please note, this service depends on you completing the Personal Brand Assessment and providing us links to your current social sites and online sites.  This service is done entirely through email and doesn’t provide an interview or review/revision session.


Interactive Coaching Plan

Interactive Service Description

Everything included in the eDelivery Service PLUS+

Interview Session: We will interview you either by phone or online conference to learn more about who you are and your VPs (vision, purpose, values and passion). We will work with you to determine your unique professional story. (30 minute session)

Personal Brand Story Review & Revision Session: Once your Personal Brand Story is written, we will then have a coaching session to review it with you, make any edits or revisions necessary to make sure that your objectives are achieved, and answer any questions you have on your profile. (30 minute session)

Action Plan Coaching Session:  After your coaching session you will create a plan of follow through to  implementation which summarizes what you want to accomplish. You will have a solid plan of action with actionable next steps to implement.  (30 minute session)

Please note, this service depends on you completing the Personal Brand Assessment and providing us links to your current social sites and online sites.  


Strategy Coaching Access Plan

Strategy Coaching Access Plan Description

Everything included in the Interactive Service PLUS+

Social Marketing Training:  A 60-minute session to review the keys to understanding how to effectively utilize Social Media as a sales and business tool. We will work directly with you to answer your burning questions and provide you with the training you need to best understand the intricacies of Social Marketing.  This training is catered specifically to you and your marketing goals.


Mentoring & Support: Even more importantly, you get 30 days of email support and phone mentoring (up to three, 15 minute conversations.) You will learn our proven techniques to truly crank up your impact and results.