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We live in small town America in the heart of Local USA. Before social media existed, we volunteered – raising money, flipping burgers, carting boxes – we volunteered our socks off to support our community and get known; we joined every local chamber within 75 miles of us; we attended every chamber mixer, function; volunteered as chamber ambassadors; served and led committees; we were everywhere! That got us known, liked, and trusted. So well that we won some awards locally, statewide, nationally, and were recognized as experts and trusted advisors.

It’s what any business would want. To be known, trusted, and referred by your community. To be seen as the hub and the “go to” resource for what businesses need.

Then, social media opened up a world of resources for businesses.
And, opened up a larger world of buyers and competitors.

We had to be fast learners. Because in “trying to get known” you can run out of cashflow before you see results and spend too much time trying to get everything and everyone in place. If you don’t have a system and if you’re not consistent – you’re out of business.

The answer is community.

Even if that community are clusters of people that you connect with locally or worldwide.
The challenge is we have many more touch points than local mixers to make those connections. So, targeting and being crystal clear in saying what your buyers depend on you to be can be the difference of whether you go big or you go home.

With access to more people and more options, you must provide your community what they want and with great clarity tell that you have it for them.

This is where we help.

Small businesses, start-ups, professionals, and creators like yourself get compelling content created and curated by us that give experiences worthy of being passed person-to-person.

We make connections happen and create a clear path for someone to become your buyer.

You will quickly gain momentum and results by using the most valuable form of marketing—the one that people trust above all others and the one that gets you more.

There’s lots of resources for you here. Take your time. Look around. Download Guidebooks. Enroll in the free webinars. Sign up to get alerts and tips in the KLI Resources Email. And, if you want to see how we can specifically help you, set up a Free 20-minute discovery session.

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