Marketing Coaching  for Entrepreneurs/Service Providers/Freelancers/Professional Services/Business Services (when your service is the product)

Experience the learning, coaching, and support provided by an experienced marketing coach, a team of marketing strategists and the road-tested GET CLIENTS NOW! 28-day marketing program. Learn to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day! Learn and put into practice:

  • What really works to market a professional services business, and what doesn’t
  • Over 100 different tools and tactics for marketing your business
  • How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle
  • Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful
  • Break out of “analysis paralysis” and make the right choices about spending time and money on marketing
  • How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you’ll ever need

eDelivery Plan

eDelivery Service Description

Universal Marketing Cycle Assessment: Using the GetClientsNOW! system to assess where your business is in the Universal Marketing Cycle and put together a plan of action to fill the gaps.

Get Clients NOW! Webinar:   Explore the basic principles of professional services marketing, and determine where you are stuck in your marketing. You will learn about:

  • Effective marketing strategies
    • How the strategies they choose impact their results
    • The Universal Marketing Cycle
    • How to decide exactly what to do

Recommended next steps: An email reviewing the next steps to optimize and fill the gaps.

Get Clients Now! Book:  The GET CLIENTS NOW! book provides a complete sales and marketing system that’s simple to use, immediately effective, and can be customized to any service business. It’s a marketing cookbook, filled with foolproof recipes and the essential ingredients you need to succeed.

Please note, this service depends on you completing the GetClientsNOW! Webinar provided within this plan.


Interactive Plan

Interactive Plan Description

Everything included in the eDelivery Service PLUS+

Get Clients NOW! Follow Up Webinar and Training: Choose the best marketing strategies given your personal strengths, target market, and business development needs/goals.

  • Select your “Success Ingredients” (the missing ingredients they need to be more effective in your marketing efforts)
  • Design 10 specific daily or weekly marketing actions


Customized marketing plan you can use over and over as your business grows:  Draft and submit your 28-day marketing action plan to me for review and feedback


Private Facebook Group:   Bounce ideas off each other as they come up; learn through other people’s experience and keep each other accountable.


Strategy Coaching Access Plan

Strategy Coaching Access Plan Description

Everything included in the Interactive Service PLUS+

Social Marketing Training:  A 60-minute session to review the keys to understanding how to effectively utilize Social Media as a sales and business tool. We will work directly with you to answer your burning questions and provide you with the training you need to best understand the intricacies of Social Marketing.  This training is catered specifically to you and your marketing goals.


Mentoring & Support: Even more importantly, you get 60 days of email support and phone mentoring (up to six, 15 minute conversations.) You will learn our proven techniques to truly crank up your impact and results.