Language of Appreciation Coaching  for Businesses

We are committed to helping individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations apply the concepts of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in their daily work and in their businesses. We firmly believe that “knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is power.” Therefore, we provide coaching to assist supervisors, employees, and volunteers in communicating appreciation effectively in their workplace or business.  Develop an Empowered, Encouraged and Engaged team!

Whether this is your first experience with the 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work or if you’ve taken the individual training or even the corporate certified program but you’re ready for APPLICATION and not just INFORMATION, we can help by:

  • Enhancing business relationships
  • How to diagnose your Appreciation Languages ailments and ensure effective implementation
  • Discover the missing ingredients from successfully communicating appreciation.
  • Break out of “analysis paralysis” and make the right choices about appreciation, encouragement and engagement.


eDelivery Plan

eDelivery Service Description

Motivating by Appreciation Inventory: The MBA Inventory™ assesses individuals’ preferences for how they are best encouraged and feel appreciated by others with whom they work.

The Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory is an assessment tool developed by psychologist Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman, to accompany the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People. The MBA Inventory assists supervisors, managers, and coworkers to be able to communicate appreciation to their colleagues in ways that are meaningful and which “hit the mark” for the person you want to encourage. In many settings (non-profit organizations, educational institutions, churches and ministries, medical/dental practices) managers want to show their appreciation for the work being done by their colleagues, but monetary reward is either not appropriate or not feasible. The inventory takes 15-20 minutes to complete online and an individual report is generated immediately which identifies the respondent’s primary language of appreciation, their secondary language of appreciation, and the language of appreciation which is least important to them. Additionally, a unique action list is developed for each individual’s profile and personal preferences.

Appreciation at Work Webinar:   In conjunction with taking the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory, which is included with the course, you will identify the languages of appreciation and specific actions that are most encouraging to you.

Recommended next steps: An email reviewing the next steps to optimize and put into practice your knowledge about the five languages.

Get Clients Now! Book:  Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages, Dr. Chapman and Dr. White give you practical steps to make any workplace environment more encouraging and productive.

Please note, this service depends on you completing the Motivating by Appreciation Inventory provided within this plan.


Interactive Plan

Interactive Plan Description

Everything included in the eDelivery Service PLUS+

Self-Paced eLearning Course: teaches how to apply the five languages to the work setting. The course takes approximately two hours to complete and utilizes short videos, audio narration, visual graphics, quizzes and assessments. The course layout is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. In conjunction with taking the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory, which is included with the course, you will identify the languages of appreciation and specific actions that are most encouraging to you.  This course is often utilized in organization’s HR online training programs.

Customized Plan and 30-Minute Coaching Session:  Take your knowledge and now apply it with a seasoned, experienced and certified Appreciation at Work Trainer.


Private Facebook Group:   Bounce ideas off each other as they come up; learn through other people’s experience and keep each other accountable.


Strategy Coaching Access Plan

Strategy Coaching Access Plan Description

Everything included in the Interactive Service PLUS+

Social Networking and Digital Appreciation Training:  A 60-minute session to review the keys to understanding how to effectively utilize Social Media as a communication tool. We will work directly with you to answer your burning questions and provide you with the training you need to best understand the intricacies of Social Networking and Digital Appreciation.  This training is catered specifically for you.


Mentoring & Support: Even more importantly, you get 60 days of email support and phone mentoring (up to eight, 15 minute conversations.) You will learn our proven techniques to truly crank up your impact and results.



Appreciation at Work Presentation Coaching

For Trainers

Are you licensed to provide Appreciation at Work training sessions for your workplace and you need some presentation tips or even tips on making your slides and presentation resonate with your team!