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Sales & Orders is the most comprehensive marketing software tool for e-commerce stores that wish to propel business through Google Shopping Advertisements.

Sales & Orders software platform is the most comprehensive marketing tool for ecommerce stores that wish to propel business through Google Shopping Advertisements. Our expert team of ecommerce developers, technicians and marketing specialists have built a software that provides finite, granular insight to the health and growth potential of Google Shopping Campaigns for online stores.

Utilizing powerful, algorithm-based functionality, Sales & Orders helps businesses:

  • Set-up and integrate their Google Shopping Channels
  • Google AdWords, Analytics and Google Merchant Center
  • Track Google Shopping Ads and foresee trends of growth or loss
  • Maximize profit and minimize loss with our powerful CPC Bid Suggestion Engine
  • Produce in-depth analytics and metrics to help manage Google Shopping Campaigns

Combined with a 15 Day Free Trial and impeccable client relations, Sales & Orders sets the standard for growing the Google Shopping marketing efforts of ecommerce stores.

One of the most crucial steps before any business can begin succeeding with Google Shopping Campaigns is creating and integrating product data feeds. At the same time, however, the daunting task of being able to analyze and optimize Google Shopping Ad Campaigns still lies ahead. Sales & Orders literally removes the time & difficulty involved in producing product specific analyses as well as alleviates the headache involved with properly optimizing campaigns to ensure upward growth.

By adapting our technology to fit client needs based on performance, ease-of-use and unparalleled customer service we have been able to change the face of ecommerce now and for years to come.

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How the Partnership Works:

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  • You’ll receive special care and handling
  • You’ll also receive special pricing because of the unique partnership between Sales & Orders and Know, Like + Ignite.