Traditional advertising is being rendered less effective as it gets obscured by the sheer volume of information being pushed on consumers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to build an association with both current and potential customers. Event Marketing is a method used to close this gap. There are many different types of event marketing, ranging from product-based promotions to sports/entertainment sponsorships, to utilization of cause-related marketing. Each format has its own focus timeline and cost. Event Marketing is used to craft an activity to give people an experience where they walk away with a positive feeling. Events are a fantastic way to bring your customers together, helping you build personal relationships while launching new stores, presenting new products, educating constituents or celebrate milestones.

Events help create a stronger sense of community around your business.  Buzz to Bucks has aligned with Constant Contact® to deliver the highly-rated event marketing tool, EventSpot™, which will help to increase attendance and yield better results from your promotional activities while saving you time and money! According to a recent Constant Contact® survey:

Pulling off a great event means juggling tons of details. Our EventSpot product makes it easier, but registration, invitations, payments, and all the rest still take time. That’s where our expert Custom Services team comes in: we’ll handle that stuff in just a few days while you take care of everything else.

EventSpot takes control of the logistics of the event, from promotion to post-event follow up, giving you more time than you ever knew you had. Utilize EventSpot™ to manage event invitations, RSVPs, online registration, ticketing, event web pages, and FAQs. And if there’s a charge to attend an event, EventSpot™ also gives you the ability to process event payments, even allowing you to offer downloadable tickets for printing, or QR codes for faster check-ins via mobile devices.

Finally, with EventSpot™ send post-event follow-up messages to those in attendance, and re-nurture those who couldn’t make it in your next campaign. Include surveys to attendees to find out what went well and what you can do to make the next event even better.

Do It Yourself – Start NOW!  | 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Event Registration Setup | $99

Event registration set up? Check. Registration is crucial for successful events. With Event Registration Setup, we’ll put together the entire event registration process so you can get the registrant info you need.

What will our team do?

  • Create your registration page with standard and custom fields
  • Apply the right design theme for your business
  • Provide a URL to registration — post on your website or event homepage

The result? A complete registration form, ready to accept registrations, collect payments (if needed), and capture attendee info. Your next step? Watch your seats fill up!

Price: $99
Typical delivery: 1 – 2 business days

To request a service or learn more, call (800) 519 – 5357or fill out a Service Inquiry Form.

Event Invitation Setup | $139

Get an invitation that builds buzz for your event. Successful events start with invitations. With our Event Invitation Setup service you’ll be on your way to accepting registrations in no time. Our team will:

    • Design your invitation with a theme that aligns with your organization’s brand


    • Add your text and images to your invite


    • Upload your contact list


    • Send your invitation upon approval The result?


A detailed event invitation that will catch the eye of your invitees. Price: $139 Typical delivery: 1 to 2 business days after we receive your requirements To request a service or learn more, call (800) 519 – 5357or fill out a Service Inquiry Form

Event Homepage Setup | $139

All the details your invitees need, in one place. Get a Constant Contact-hosted homepage with all the info invitees need, where they can register to attend.

Our team will:

  • Add your info to the homepage
  • Choose a professional-looking design theme that suits your brand
  • Provide a homepage URL to post on your organization’s site

The result? A complete, professional homepage that aligns with your brand. All while you, you know, plan your event.

Price: $139
Typical delivery: 1 to 2 business days

To request a service or learn more, call (800) 519 – 5357or fill out a Service Inquiry Form.

Complete Event Setup | $299

We’ll do it all so you don’t have to. Our Custom Services team will set up your event with our EventSpot product from start to finish, saving your valuable time. So get the caterer squared away. Reserve the chairs you need. Take care of the details that go into planning a great event. We’re here to help! Complete Event Setup Includes:

    • Include all your must-have event info (date, location, price, etc)


    • Customize your event homepage, registration page, and email invite to your specifications


    • Choose and apply a fitting design theme The result? Your event, and all the details that go with it, published online and ready for registration, payments, and promotion.


Price: $299– Save $78 over purchasing services individually Typical delivery: 3 to 4 business days To request a service or learn more, call (800) 519 – 5357or fill out a Service Inquiry Form.