Email Marketing

Ready to increase profits and recommendations with email?

Yes, email.

You checked it how many times today?

Email is not dead.  It’s the strongest way to get more business and grow how many people know about your business.

But, do you know where more business fail with email? It’s in the follow-up.

Your email stats will tell you:

(1) What your clients are interested in and want more of

(2) How often and what time of the day they are available to read email – which gives you a window into when they’re available to read a Facebook post, or to send a time-sensitive special offer, or to tune into an online event.

(3) What they like reading their email on (iOS, Android, laptop, desktop) -this gives you information on how they might buy from you.

And, so much more.

We know what stats to look at which will give you all the information you need to make good decisions on how to get your buyers to buy from you or buy more from you.

What will you get?

The best response to your emails.

The ability to adapt and make sure your next email does even better than the last one.

Strategy focused on getting you more business.

Content for your email that buyers want to share.

Design without coding or stress that looks beautiful and feels like your brand.

And, knowing that your emails are making it to who you send it to (not rotting away in someone’s spam filter).

Your best foot (or rather your best words) forward.

How can we do that?

We’ve got the experience.

You’re working with a team that has written emails ranging from fundraising campaigns to start-up announcements to “it’s been too long since we’ve seen you”.


  1. Email writing All-Stars (yes, we’ve gotten awards for the last 5 years because our emails help grow businesses).
  2. Known for our writing. We’ve been recognized for excellence in writing and syndicated in lots of publications (U.S. News & World Report, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, The Journal – you get the picture.)
  3. Not grammar geeks. While formal writing has it’s place, it’s not the content that converts. We feel closer when we’re written to person to person.  And, formal writing makes people feel that you’re robotic or impersonal.  Who want’s that? Your goal is to get closer to your buyer and not further away.
  4. Focused on results. The emails we write are focused in converting your reader to the next step.

You guys are not just wordsmiths but you really get what we want and need our prospects to do.   – Tim

What to do next?

Look at the packages we provide. Then, let us know what works best for you.

If you don’t see one that works best, reach out to us. We can customize any package and combination to as much or as little content that you need.

All the emails written for you are personally customized for you. These are NOT canned emails.  They aren’t copied from anywhere.  When you hire us – your writers are people that you would hire to represent your company in real life.  It’s as if we were right there in your office writing it.

Get the Package that will get results.