Quick Start

Service Description:

The hardest part about getting started with something new is, well, getting started. That’s why we created Quick Start. In just 2-3 days, you will be totally set up with everything you need to succeed.

What’s Included:

Account Set-Up:  We’ll modify your account settings, upload your logo, and even enter email addresses to be verified.

Mobile Friendly Templates: A customized email template with your logo, colors, and social media links. It will remain in your account and be ready to go every time you send a campaign.

List Building Tools: Start growing your list immediately with a personalized “Join My Mailing List” button, sign-up form, and welcome email for your new subscribers.

Contact Upload & Segmentation: Get all your contacts uploaded to your account—and segmented in up to six different lists—without lifting a finger.

Premium List Services: Have more than 10,000 contacts? We will help you upload your custom HTML; consult on best practices & API integrations; and review your first campaign results with you.

Design & Build

Service Description: A consistent brand look and feel helps you stand out from the competition. But doing it right takes time and skill. Design & Build gives you a beautiful, custom email template that’s unique to your business.

What’s Included:

Custom Email Template: A beautiful template that meets all of your brand guidelines and works seamlessly with your website and other materials.

Customized Footer: A subtle opportunity for enhanced branding that will make you look even more professional. Optimized Display: Your template will be tested in popular desktop and mobile email programs, making sure it’s refined for optimal display.

Unlimited Usage: Your custom design will be available every time you log in, so you can use it with every email-based campaign you send.

Branded Sign-Up Button: Use a professionally designed and branded sign-up button on your website to capture contact information and automatically add it to your email list.

Welcome Email: Engage new contacts right away with a customized Welcome Email that automatically gets sent to them when they join your mailing list.

Create And Launch

Service Description: If you know what you want to communicate in your campaigns but just don’t have the time, then our on-demand Create & Launch service is perfect for you. You simply provide the content, and we will handle the rest—from start to finish.

What’s Included: Create Your Campaign: A professional template will be used to design a great email, event, or survey campaign – complete with your logo, colors, and social media links, as well as your content and images.

Apply Best Practices: From design, to content, to distribution—your campaign will be optimized for success.

Upload & Segment Your Contacts: Get all your contacts uploaded to your account—and segmented in up to six different lists—without lifting a finger.

Send Your Campaign: Once you approve it, we’ll schedule and send your campaign—we can even publish it to your social media sites.

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