Digital Appreciation

Whether your business markets through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, any social network or a website, you’ll find that when you are able to mimic the welcoming body language you have in face-to-face interactions using online tools, your customers will feel the comfort and trust that keeps them coming back. Your internet presence should be seen as an essential extension of your company. Online, customers should be able to take care of basic needs without the aid of face-to-face contact while still being able to easily reach out for help or genuine interaction should they need more.

Apart from simple tasks, you can also exhibit your digital appreciation through digital gifts based on the platform being used. Twitter, for instance, is the perfect way to have individual conversations with your customers in the public eye to continually define your company’s character. It is also the best way to share information that your audience will find useful, showing appreciation through doing research for them. Similarly, mediums such as Pinterest give you the power to aggregate meaningful visual information in one place.

In every digital outlet, it’s vital to remember that those in charge of monitoring the comments are versed in the language and actions of the company. Only through a consistent, respectful treatment of those online can you hope to continue the trust built in store.

More and more even face to face interactions are further created and nurtured online.  We can help you match your digital appreciation with your connection’s language of appreciation to ensure the gratitude that you’re delivering is actually received.

If you have a location, we can take that one step further and help you better understand your customers, so you can start getting traction with customer interaction.

Craft every thank you sent out from your company to be specific to the customer, relevancy is key.

Improve Your Customer Data

Know you’re getting the correct information when you acquire a new customer

Give Your Customers What They Want
Your customers want social login so they don’t have to remember another password – give it to them. If you’re not already letting customers sign in using services like Facebook or Twitter you’re missing out.

Engage Your Customers More Effectively

Customers who are already signed in with a social network are more likely to share your brand

Personalization Means More Purchases

On average 77% of customers will purchase more if they receive personalized offers

Customer Demand Increases With Personalization

53% of customers want to see companies offer personalization – it makes buying easier

Recommendations Mean Increased Sales

Referrals and Recommendations conversion rates are much higher.  Theirs great value in positive word of mouth from a trusted source.


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