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Need to figure out the solutions and online systems that best fit your business model?

You asked and now it’s here! One-on-one sessions focused on making sure your Visibility + Relationship Building Systems are in place, on target and producing.

Do you feel like you’re everywhere but you’re nowhere?  You’re not getting result in your outreach, you feel like your social channels are taking more time and not producing what you want them to.  Does this sound like you?

Do you write a blog post and wonder if anyone ever even reads it? 

Wonder if anyone else will retweet you or share your post other than the handful that does?

It’s usually not the quality of your content.  It is often the delicate balance of your context + content.

If you’re looking at an intimate one-on-one session with a coach where you can:

: get moving in the right direction

: ignite your blog post and maximize the usage of your content

: get your assets in the right place

: get your solid, next step plan

: get feedback on your next move

: clear guidance, direction and actions

: bridge your online + offline connections

: understand your language of appreciation

: clear steps in assessing the languages of appreciation at your workplace

: coaching on utilizing the language of appreciation in your business

There are two reasons for a one-on-one coaching session:

  1. To increase your Visibility
  2. To implement the 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work or in Business

#1:  If you’ve been blogging, tweeting, posting and updating, and you feel your results are not where you want them to be, then you need one-on-one coaching to hone your visibility + relationship building systems and content referral process.

#2:  If you want to implement, the 5 Languages of appreciation at work or business.

When you leave the session, you’ll be:

  • Focused an know exactly what to do next.
  • Armed and determined with solid next steps.
  • Confident about what direction and actions to take.
  • Clear on what you’re measuring.
  • Knowing what will get you results.

Bonus! 3 Days of Email Support

Take advantage of visibility and connection coach, Maria Elena Duron after your one-on-one session with follow-up and focus.

Limited sessions are available. Don’t want to risk being able to get in soon? Then, buy a 3-pack!

A 3-Pack includes*:

  1. Coaching Session
  2. Consulting Session (after you’ve put steps into action)
  3. Accountability Session (to be sure you can continue your results generating activities with focused results)

*it also ensures your VIP booking status which moves you to the front of the line!

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