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The Referral Club

Where networking and QUALITY connections are more important than the QUANTITY of connections.

Connect instead of collect.

The Referral Club is a referral centric membership organization focused on business development.

We leverage high tech and high touch.  We offer all members: “predictive networking”, PODS, business education, group coaching and expertly facilitated meetings.

Come join us and see how networking really works. It’s about finding GREAT people, not just MORE people.

If you’re interested in being invited to a meeting to see what we do and provide members, click here.

Or, is a face-to-face meeting something you couldn’t even squeeze in now?

Then, leverage the power of our eReferralClub .

Access the same great Referral and Predictive Networking app.  Attend a monthly training via a private Facebook group FB Live Meeting.  And, attend a once a month group meeting – online.

When you can leave to make a meeting – this is a strong referral network for you at your space (even if that space is on the move with your mobile phone!)

If you’re interested in the eReferralClub, click here.

What is the cost to join?

The fees to join either The Referral Club or the eReferral Club are:

Joining Fee:  $30 (paid anytime you join the club.  If you leave the club and return, the joining fee is assessed.)

Monthly Fee (paid monthly):   $30/month

Or, pay every 6 months and receive a discount – 6 Months Payment fee:  $150/every 6 months