Tips From The Pros – Secrets to Successful Social Media Marketing

We all want to be awesome at our jobs. And when it comes to social media marketing, there are lots of things we can do to improve our game. What do we do when we want to be the best? Why, we learn from the best. Luckily for us, there are some brilliant minds in the world of social media marketing that are doing higher-level things that can be best practices for us as we built our SMM toolbox. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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Build Real Relationships

Most people on social media don’t think that a business’s social accounts are operating by some omniscient “man behind the curtain.” They know that a person is responsible for posts and updates, and they usually respond a lot better when they know who that person is. If possible, reach out via private message to see if you can set up a call or Skype conversation to really drive the relationship to the next level.

Never Forgot The Visuals


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Social posts that contain visuals are consumed, noticed, liked and shared more than posts that don’t. It’s importantly not only to make sure you have great visuals, but it’s best to make sure the visuals all have something in common. Whether or not you like it, every visual you share is connected to your brand. When you provide a cohesive visual experience for your social users across social media platforms, they recognize you. That’s a good thing.

Learn Facebook Ads

Facebook makes it pretty easy to boost a post, but when you really learn Facebook Ads, you’re not only learning how to reach millions of potential customers, you’re learning a skill that makes you desirable as a freelancer or agency. This goes beyond using the automated optimization Facebook Ads offers. This involves digging down deep to look beyond the cost of an ad, and into the value of an ad. That’s why an intimate knowledge of Facebook’s Power Editor is crucial to being the best.

Don’t Automate Too Much

We’re all for working smarter, not harder. The right automation tools can take the tedium out of social media marketing and leave you time to do the awesome and fun stuff. BUT, lots of SMMs automate up and completely check out. They schedule a bunch of curated content, set it and forget it, and don’t take the time to engage their audience. Big, big no-no. Just posting isn’t enough. Varying your content type, incorporating timely news hacks and events – these things are what bring you the most traffic. Don’t check out. Be present.

Master the Art of the CTA

If you want conversions from your social posts, you have to have a call-to-action. But, just because you put one in a post doesn’t mean it’s going to work. There’s an art to creating a CTA that someone will click. And, I’m not going to lie to you. It involves some A/B testing and a dash of learning from your mistakes. People are used to CTAs. They see them everywhere. And, because of that, they’re infinitely able to tune them out. That’s why, the most important thing you can do is make it clear to them what they’ll get if they do what you ask them to. Yep. It may be that simple. Ask them to do something, and be crystal clear about what they’ll get if they do it. Provided the thing they get is something they want, you’ve got it.

Create Copy That Converts

This goes back to our last point, of course. You have to write a CTA that makes people want to click. But, as every good social media marketer knows, ALL the copy you write has to be great. Again, each social media post is a representation of your brand. If the copy is bad, or even mediocre, it makes the brand look bad. In addition to making sure your copy is GOOD, it has to follow certain rules. Different social networks have different character limits, so you have to stick to those. You need to think about what your audience wants to read and write brand-friendly, audience-friendly copy that is consistent and interesting. It’s not for everybody. You have to work at it.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags started out on Twitter. They were a good way to get more followers and let more people see your tweets. That’s still true. But then, Facebook users started using hashtags. They were a little less…strategic than Twitter users. Hashtags became the punchline of many a social user’s joke. But now, hashtags are a real thing on every social network. They unite conversations and make posts more searchable. The trick is to use them sparingly, strategically, and in ways that make your social posts more noticeable.

Don’t Avoid Remarketing

So your Facebook Ad tanked. It’s not the end of the world. This is why. If you targeted a certain group of people, they saw your ad. Even if they didn’t click on it, if you target them again, they’ll remember your name and logo, and they may click again. If you get your brand in front of people often enough, they will remember you. If you get the same product in front of them enough, they very well may buy it.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Events and Holidays

We can’t say it enough. Events, holidays, trends and news hacks are contextual. People can relate to them. They are timely and relevant, and they’re the posts that are most likely to go viral. But, researching all that can be extremely time consuming. That’s why, of course, you need a content calendar, and PromoRepublic’s is chock full of ideas for every day of the year. You’ll never be wanting for post ideas. You can always check it out for free.

Publish Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just a recruiting site anymore. Many people see it as “business social media.” This is a great opportunity to develop your thought leadership by sharing your content on another channel. Since LinkedIn is made up a large group of professionals, you can grow your network considerably by posting smart, valuable content every week or so. Don’t post too often, or people will unfollow you. Post just often enough, and your company and your own profile will be a go-to place for professionals in your field.

Ban Words on Facebook to Reduce Trolling

You want social users to feel free to comment on and like your posts. However, there are a lot of people out there who live to post negative things on Facebook. Because of this, you can block words as a content moderator. Just click settings>general>page moderation and type the words that you don’t want users to post. Separate them by commas. Don’t forget to add the plural versions of the words. Save the changes and you’re done!

These are just a few of the tactics that professional social media marketers use to get the best conversions out of the efforts. PromoRepublic can help. Sign up for a free trial today!



The Social City: Social WiFi and Hotspot Marketing

With today’s WiFi capabilities, the practice of social WiFi is starting to seem much smaller on the grand scale of potential. Where the possibility existed with just one store, entire areas are beginning to pop up, uniting once scattered locations under a blanketed network. Even something as small as a shopping center is enough to render data necessary for helping the entire area flourish, not just individual stores.

Social WiFi & Hotspot Marketing

It’s no secret that the more famous social WiFi generators, such as coffee shops, offer free internet with a purpose. Though you are gifted relatively fast, free internet upon ordering your drink, what you give back far outweighs any monthly bills. After all, this “free” internet is paid for with your data. From the sites you visit to your path around the store, everything businesses can collect and analyze is information they can use to make themselves more appealing by making your experience even better.

Taking this a step further, this connection to all customers within the store means that companies can immediately connect and interact without interrupting or being too pushy. Simple things such as “thank you” text messages or immediately sent emails with coupons in them all serve to attract the customer to come back one more time, improving customer retention and conversion.

Expanding to a Social City

Sometimes storewide reach isn’t enough. Take Hinckley town center, for instance. As the second largest town in Leicestershire, it boasts an extremely popular market full of high end fashion, fine dining and department stores. According to the case study put together by Purple WiFi, this collection of shops just wasn’t enough. The “Hinckley Town Partnership hope[d] that the new free WiFi [would] enhance the online experience when out and about in the area.” Simply put, Hinckley aimed to make technology the core of the city’s shopping experience.

The goal was to connect visitors with unrestricted WiFi at all major areas in the city, combining a system that could deliver real-time updates with the collection of visitor data. For this project, they turned to the engineering prowess of Purple WiFi. Because the demands were so unique, the solution was actually specifically built for the city. With the longest distance being 1.2km, it was challenging coming up with a continuous signal that would envelope the entire area. The answer came by “mounting Ubiquiti hardware to various lamp posts.” The traffic is then collected and sent to a central, managed connection.

Embracing the City

Moving from a store-based approach to a city-based strategy comes with added benefits. First and foremost, stores in Hinckley no longer need to worry about setting up their own WiFi for customers. Instead, they can use what’s been set up by the city, making the area even more appealing to the brands that want to get in on the WiFi hotspot action without investing the time and effort it takes to determine how to make it happen on an individual basis.

Beyond this store appeal, it’s a tactic that benefits the entire area as a whole. Those in charge of the city can now interact with their locals and visitors on an unprecedented scale, sending out SMS messages regarding various sales around the area or events going on. There are even social media portals that can be accessed to vastly increase chatter on places like Facebook and Twitter. The other side of this is that the entire area can then receive immediate feedback on what the populace is thinking about their various events, helping them further tailor the area to the wants of the customer base.

In the end, though, it all comes down to how much data your WiFi hotspots can gather. As in Hinckley’s case, they decided to go with Purple WiFi because of the type of data it offered them. Instead of restrictive options that could only place the footfalls, it’s the more advanced options that really make free WiFi across an entire city worth it. Including what stores are visited, what sites are visited, social media popularity and even gender and age, this information is pivotal for the city to continually enhance its attraction to users. By playing to the preferences of those that visit, Hinckley can expect to see unprecedented growth by using citywide WiFi to not only promote the city and its stores but encouraging more than one return trip.

Restaurants: See Who Is Posting Images on Instagram While Visiting Your Business

Today I’m going to share one quick tip with you for Instagram. This Instagram tip might seem a little bit complicated, but once you hear it all through and you try it one time, it’s not that hard for you to do on a regular basis. Today’s tip has to do with checking out the photos people are sharing on Instagram from your business’s location.

If you have an Instagram account and you’ve shared a photo that was geotagged at your location before, this is going to be simple. Just go ahead and pull up one of those photos and above the photo and below your username, you’re going to see a link with your location’s name. Go ahead and click that link and you’ll pull up a map within Instagram. The map will show all the photos that have been shared previously from public Instagram users from your location and it’s an easy way for you to check out what people are saying about your business, what they may have liked about their visit or even maybe what they didn’t like.

If you haven’t shared a photo from your business on Instagram before, here’s how you can check out all the photos that have been shared previously. You’re going to have to go ahead and share a photo from your location, so you have to be there. And once you’re done editing that image, you’re going to see within the section where you write your caption, there is a little button that says add this photo to map. Click that and turn it on and then click name this location. Go ahead and name that as your business name and that will show up in the future for anyone that goes to share a photo from your location and add it to a map. And after you are done sharing that photo completely, you’ll be able to go back to that photo like I referenced before, click on the little link below your username and above the photo and you can see all the photos from public users that have shared from your business in the past.

Restaurants See Who Is Posting Images on Instagram While Visiting Your Business

If you are a restaurant, this is a really easy thing for you to do. People love sharing pictures of their meals or of their food so definitely check it out. But for any business with a location where customers come to visit, I recommend seeing what people are saying about you on Instagram. It’s a really quick tip that you can just check on a regular basis going forward.

5 Facts that Will Surprise You and Change Your Marketing

A recent Kissmetrics post,, reveals some important facts that marketers need to keep in mind in developing their social media strategy.At the core of this is the importance and the foundation that email marketing has within the whole social strategy.The Pinterest stats in this video were provided by Piqua. And, the Kissmetrics post, provides insightful bullet points of lessons and next steps.These 5 Lessons from the Kissmetrics blog posts are the most helpful takeaways from the statistics:

1.Spend more time and money on email marketing than on social media marketing.
2. If you want engaged traffic, spend time optimizing YouTube.
3. Stick it out with Facebook.
4. Use Pinterest. And be patient.
5. If you’re going to use Twitter, stay on top of it.

The entire blog post is well worth the read.

Maria Elena Duron connects small business to new customers and referral partners. She connects businesses to their internal team members and advocates, and business to their customers and brand advocates through authentic appreciation. Maria Elena connects you to the systems, tools and frame of mind that develop strong joint ventures and genuine communication.

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Maria Elena Duron is senior Marketing Strategist/Coach with Know, Like + Ignite.

Know, Like + Ignite is a Relationship Development Firm focused on bridging online + offline relationships to get more business for small business and make work relationships work.

“I’ll share strategy, tips and tactics here on making marketing simple and makes business connections work, online and offline.” – Maria Elena

Know, Like + Ignite focuses on working with Restaurants, Realtors, Renegades and Rejuvenators.

The Cost of the Unhappy Customer

It seems like the first instinct now when you’re dissatisfied with a company is to post it on social media. According to Vision Critical, there are large costs associated with an unhappy customer.

Take a look and see how that unhappiness  has reach and influence fueling it.

We Help Restaurateurs with their Social Marketing Success

 We help restaurateurs with their social marketing success. They save time and fine tune their social marketing to yield new and continued customers.

List to Last: Why Your Email Marketing List Matters

Real estate agents say – “list to last” because when you list a home for sale you have the opportunity to earn money when that home is sold by you or a fellow real estate agent.

As a business professional, the care, nurturing and development of “your list” determines how long you last as a professional or expert in your field. Grow and develop that great list and your great connections on that list will be your avid brand advocates, supporters, mentors, referral sources, trusted vendors, great clients and friends.  Your email marketing list is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t be fooled by those who say that email is dead or last year’s marketing tool – it is the foundation of all your social content and is a viable tool, still.

What do you do to develop and care for your list? How do you stay in contact? How up-to-date is the information on your list? Have you opened your list and found 20 different versions of the same person with email addresses from each past employer or different phone numbers? How, or have you, stayed in relationship with that person?

When a relationship (this goes for business and personal ones) ceases to be mutually beneficial to both people involved, somebody leaves. Are you ready to “fall out” of relationship with someone just because you got too busy, forgot to stay in touch or just didn’t have good contact information to stay in touch?

What have you done to take care of the people on your list? Remember, each name on your list represents a person and a relationship. [tweet this]

As a small business owner your list is vital.

If you’re a restaurant, you need your list of patrons to make sure you have meaningful and timely conversation with them.  Without knowing how to contact your current customers, how will you know:

  1. Who’s having a birthday?
  2. Who would appreciate a coupon for Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day or even for Veteran’s Day?
  3. Which customers have a favorite dish and provide them a special invite when you’re serving or showcasing that dish?
  4. How will you provide them an exclusive sneak peek of new dishes, desserts or even wines?
  5. How will they be able to enjoy the benefits of being in your exclusive “in the know first” list?

If you’re a Realtor, how will you know:

  1. Important milestones in your current customers or even vendors’ lives?
  2. How will you let people know of upcoming open houses?
  3. How will you know what other family members they have who might be in the market for a new home or who might be selling their home?
  4. How will you update your current clients on the updates in the market?
  5. Or, how will you update a local business on the challenges and how you can help in recruiting and moving new employees here?

Watch our video, How to Build a Responsive Email List for advice on adding new emails to your list, and growing an engaged audience for your business or organization.

About the Author:

Maria Elena Duron is a Marketing Coach and Strategist with Know, Like, + Ignite and @mariaduron on Twitter. Would you like practical tips to create and curate content and experiences worthy of being passed person-to-person? –Get exclusive access.


How To Find The Exact Count of Your LinkedIn Connections?

Stumped that when you look at your LinkedIn Profile you only see 500+ connections? Wondering what the exact number is?

If you’re on your LinkedIn home page,  look to the right and scroll down to a section titled, “Your LinkedIn Network”  on the right side.  Scrolling down you will see:  (A) the number of connections that link to you; (B) the number of new people in your network.  It gives you an idea of the number of people in  your first level of connections and the number and size of your network through three levels of connection.

When you are on  your LinkedIn Connections page, click on the gear icon and you can see the sources of your LinkedIn Connections.  You can also  find the same information if you  go here:  It provides the ability to see what sources your connections have come from and the amount of connections from each specific source.

You can also go here:  (you may need to refresh the page) and it will show the exact count of connections you have.

Author Bio:

Justin Duron is Digital Assets Manager | Craftsman for Know, Like + Ignite.   Justin manages and monitors the reports, data, insights and gives us a look at what’s actually working and not just the “bright shiny” vanity numbers!