#BrandChat on Twitter

Join us every Wednesday at 10am CT as we discuss all things BRANDing! BRANDidos (term of endearment for chat participants) provide insights, case studies, questions, thoughts and challenging conversations to stretch your mind and resources on special topics. It’s free to participate – all you need is a Twitter account.

Would you like to suggest a chat topic, questions, resources, articles, special guest or case studies?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Join us on our Facebook group or Linkedin page to submit your ideas.

We appreciate your insights and input!

About Your Chat Moderators and Leaders:

BRANDido Glossary

BRANDido: term of endearment for those who chat on #brandchat

BRANDCHATTER: early term for people who chat on brandchat; used mostly by newbie BRANDidos or those new to the brandchat-o-sphere

BRANDCHAT-o-sphere: everything in the brandchat world and/or universe

BRANchat: That oh so healthy for you, fiber-filled cone of silence where high-speed typing BRANDidos go when they miss one letter in the hashtag

PB: Personal Brand

TRANSPENSIBLE: Transparent and indispensable

VERBAL DIARRHEA: Too much to say; can’t make it fit in 140 characters

BRANDelicious: Brand food for thought

BRANDArchy: It’s the chaos and the fun that happen when the chat moderator is not there. Often occurs on the FIFTH Wednesday of the month

BRANDarchist : The leader of the every 5th Wed #brandarchy free for all – @Mr_McFly

Unmistakable Brand : always totally on-brand and predictable.

OB : Original BRANDido

BRANDalism : The defacing of one’s brand

Craptent : Content that is not of any value

Bournalism : Promotional content about a brand that his treated like an actual news story or report

BRANDaid : Giving a brand a new logo or slogan in a misguided effort to recapture it’s identity.

Corporate Lipstick : When a brand tries to put on a “good face” or dress-up anything as “okay”.

BRANDJACKING: Two fold – every time someone unofficial represents themselves as speaking for a company + To hijack a brand to deceive or divert attention; often used in abusive or fraudulent activities devised for gain at the expense of the goodwill, brand equity and customer trust of actual brand owners.

Brandjacking by a Consumer: refers to how the consumer perceives or uses your product or service. A smart company will learn rather than fight this positive reaction.

BRANDstanding: When something or someone’s brand attributes are shining through in their every action.

BRAND Violence: A negative or even violent reaction to an incident, comment or feedback on a brand.

BRANDolicious : a nugget of information so tasty YOU MUST share it with everyone you know

#brandtalk: this is our alter ego hashtag that we all switch to when the bots and the spammy monster have found us during the #brandchat hour

SoMe or SM: Social Media

BRANDito: Often confused with BRANDido (a term of endearment for all those who participate generously in #brandchat ). This term usually reminds people of chips and results in hunger pangs & rabid side conversations about lunch.

BRANDcat : The very feline centric lonely place you go when attempting to type #brandchat quickly

BRANDido Cap Club : An exclusive club of BRANDidos within #brandchat who have earned (through great chat participation and ambassadorship of #brandchat ) a beautiful cap generously given by @ImInStitchesLLC

GLOCALIZATION : Where by a brand takes a global vision and implements it locally.

Troll Response Plan : Similar to a communication plan (it may even overlap), this is specific to how to handle trolls because sometimes the brand need not even reply to them.

What is a Twitter chat, and how do I participate?

#brandchat happens every Wednesday at 8am PT/9am MT/10am CT/11am ET and is a one hour, high velocity chat focused on different aspects of branding each week.

The easiest way (and the most spam and bot free way) to participate in #brandchat is to login to our Twitter chat platform channel, Twchat.

*#brandchat is always a top trending topic on Wednesday mornings and we consistently hit by “spambots and trolls” taking advantage of all the people participating and watching #brandchat. Our Twchat channel is specifically designed to rid us of those trolls, bots and spammers allowing us to focus on the chat conversation with no distractions or interference. Log into our Twchat channel for the best #brandchat experience.

1. Log intoTwchat using your Twitter account. (If you do not have a Twitter account, sign up at www.Twitter.com for free.)

2. Once you have connected your Twitter account to Twchat, then ever tweet you tweet inside our chat channel will have the hashtag #brandchat after it (making it easier for you to participate without having to type our hashtag in with every single tweet).

3. When you enter #brandchat, be sure to introduce yourself. Part of #brandchat ‘s appeal is that we network with each other and make great connections (and friendships). Tell us who you are. We look forward to meeting you!

4. To participate, you can simply enter your message in the message box at the top of the page and then click update. *Be sure to label your message with a Q1 or A1 (if you are addressing Q1 so we’ll all know exactly what your message is pertaining to)
Q1= Question #1 or A1 = Answer for Question #1

A few things to remember:


  • If the chat moves too fast for you, you can favorite tweets you want to review later.
  • Immediately after the chat, an instant replay of the chat is available in Nurph.
  • Every week, on TheBuzz101 , I post a transcript of the chat with links to the chat statistics.