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calendarWednesday, August 16

clock10 AM Central Time

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#brandchat questions for Wed, 08/16 chat,
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OPENING QUESTION: Tag a brand that is championing diversity & inclusion through company culture. #brandchat

Q1: What are some ways co’s create a diverse & inclusive work environment? #brandchat

Q2: If there’s more moms on team making Cheerios ads, maybe we increase probability that we connect more meaningfully w/moms. Discuss. #brandchat

Q3: Brand is everything they see.Every person.Every process.Every value. Everything that happens,ever. Agree/Disagree? #brandchat

Q4: CASE STUDY: Google’s recent Anti-Diversity screed. Your thoughts? #brandchat

Q5: Google’s new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance’s response. Share thoughts, next steps, lessons learned? #brandchat

Q6: Every dept – not just the marketing dept – needs to be able to tell the story of a brands culture. Your advice to co’s? #brandchat

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