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calendarWednesday, December 13

clock10 AM Central Time

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#brandchat questions for Wed, 12/13 chat,

BRANDS +2017 (The Best and The Worst of 2017)

Join us at 8am PT/ 9am MT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET here:

OPENING CONVO: Tag a brand that you think is THE BEST of 2017 and share why #brandchat

Q1: As you assess the best brands of 2017, what criteria do you consider? #brandchat

Q2: Top 8 2017 brands according to @interbrand are @apple @google @microsoft @cocacola @amazon @samsung @toyota @facebook – Do you agree? Who else should be there? #brandchat

Q3: What lessons can we learn from the brands listed in the Q2 + the OPENING CONVO? #brandchat

Q4: Any brands that you see as up & coming brands to watch in 2018? #brandchat

Q5: What brands should be on the “word of 2017” and why? #brandchat

Q6: Going forth are there any brand stories or case studies that you’re sharing w/your clients or teams to help them be better in 2018? #brandchat

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01/10/2017 –  BRANDS + #brandchat Part 1 (What topics would you like researched and discussed in 2018)
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01/24/2017 –  BRANDS + JOBS
01/31/2017 –  #BRANDarchy (the Open Mic version of #brandchat that happens on the 5th Wednesday of the month and led by Chief Brandarchist, Gary J. Nix @mr_mcfly )