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calendarWednesday, July 12

clock10 AM Central Time

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#brandchat questions for Wed, 07/12 chat,
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Q1: Shout out your fave Brands + Delivery combo (i.e. @McDonalds + @Uber, @BaskinRobbins + @DoorDash ) #brandchat

Q2: Being “ready” for delivery is key to success. What do you look for to make sure brands you work w/are ready? #brandchat

Q3: “If you’re going to get into delivery, you better have a mobile app”- Share examples of the good + bad. #brandchat

Q4: What can @Uber do to better communicate its core messages to its wide range of audiences,employees,investors,partners #brandchat

Q5: What branding lessons can we learn from @Lyft? #brandchat

Q6: To expand as a business, does a brand need to lose some of it’s uniqueness to reach a greater audience? (i.e. @blueapron )? #brandchat

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