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calendarWednesday, May 24

clock10 AM Central Time

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#brandchat questions for Wed, 05/24 chat,
Join us at 8am PT/ 9am MT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET here:

Q1: List the brands that have had the biggest PR Nightmares of all time (not just 2017)? #brandchat

Q2: Some say all PR is good PR. Your thoughts? #brandchat

Q3: What’s the 1st 3-steps you recommend for a brand to take ownership of a mistake/issue? #brandchat

Q4: What best practices have you seen brands successfully do to rebuild their brand? #brandchat

Q5: What’s your advice on how brands can prevent/avoid PR nightmares? #brandchat

Q6: How can a brand minimize the clash between legal/compliance & PR especially during a crisis? #brandchat

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