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calendarWednesday, September 27

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#brandchat questions for Wed, 09/27 chat,
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OPENING CONVO: Tag your fave medical brands & tell us why they’re your fave. #brandchat

Q1: What medical brands are successful at “campaigns that link to emotional truths about the human condition” Examples? #brandchat

Q2: Medical brands struggle with storytelling. They are accustomed to talking about the benefits. Discuss. #brandchat

Q3: To be relatable-in complex healthcare sector,a brand can’t assume everyone has degree in biomedical sciences. Thoughts? #brandchat

Q4: What guidelines must Healthcare implement to avoid hype & accurately communicate what they are doing? #brandchat

Q5: Diabetes marketers need to get clever to push ppl to know,recognize,&remember their brand-J.Nolan,CEO,InClinica Agree/Disagree? #brandchat

Q6: Best advice building collaboration between medical and digital teams and developing engaging, informative campaigns? #brandchat

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