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calendarWednesday, January 17

clock10 AM Central Time

#brandchat Starts In

#brandchat questions for Wed, 1/17 chat,

BRANDS +#brandchat pt. 2

Join us at 8am PT/ 9am MT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET here:

OPENING CONVO: If you were a special guest on #brandchat, what would be the expertise that you would focus on? #brandchat

Q1: Your best go-to resource for and about branding (could be a book, blog, site, podcast, newsletter, etc). Discuss. #brandchat

Q2: Best branding guest who would be ideal to discuss the basics of brand development? #brandchat

Q3: If you were to start your career in branding all over again, what’s one tool/resource you would be sure to use/secure right away? #brandchat

Q4: What’s the toughest branding lesson you learned? #brandchat

Q5: Best guest whose expertise is business to business brands? #brandchat

Q6: To become better in designing efficient branding processes that maintain brand consistency, who would you listen to or read? #brandchat

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01/31/2017 –  #BRANDarchy (the Open Mic version of #brandchat that happens on the 5th Wednesday of the month and led by Chief Brandarchist, Gary J. Nix @mr_mcfly )