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Relationship Building Requires Follow-up

Checking in is never a bad idea. Whether to make sure ideas discussed at a meeting were shared in a clear fashion or to otherwise cement your interest in a connection, it’s always a good idea to approach a good situation a second time with a clearer understanding of what you want and how you […]

Appreciation in Business When You’re a Solopreneur

How do you feel when someone genuinely appreciates you for your input/effort? It feels nice and warm, doesn’t it? That’s the kind of feeling you want customers and clients to associate with you. As a solopreneur, chances are you will perform a lot of the business’s tasks yourself, so you’ll probably relate with a lot […]

Podcast: Audio Branding and Sixieme Son

Colleen Fahey, U.S. Managing Director of Sixieme Son, the largest audio branding agency in the world shared: Audio branding brings life and continuity – so when you hear the brand, it sounds like the brand – making every touch point a relationship-builder. We cover How important is it for the sound brand to fit in with […]