Appreciating Your Advocates

Advocates are the life blood of the talk that yields profits. They share your story, speak positively on your behalf and generate visibility and interest in your business. Often they are the most active, giving you’re a voice in places you do not yet have one. In short, they are the customers that deserve the most appreciation for what they do, what they continue to do and what they will potentially yield.

Just imagine a Starbucks without its advocates. There would be no tweeted pictures of coffee. No Pinterest boards filled with at-home recipes. No Instagram chronicling the guilt of partaking in the yearly Pumpkin Spice Latte ritual.

What are they rewarded with? Better apps, amazing customer service and a business thriving on the foundation that the customer will get what they want. This appreciation then blossomed into an entirely unpaid marketing strategy that has seen the birth of two thriving Starbucks stores on one city block.

Harnessing this form of beneficial consumerism is not hard so long as you are always willing to go the distance to express appreciation for them and what they do for your business. Utilized in conjunction with individualized content, you have the perfect means of driving brand popularity without needing to expand your current marketing division.

Advocates are living, breathing examples of everything that goes right when the budget is put toward appreciating the right people for doing the right things.

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