Appreciating Referrals

People who refer business to you take it one step further by making introductions for you and proactively looking out for new business and opportunities for you. Whether borne from a referral program that offers incentives or simply a pleased customer that had an amazing experience, these referrals come in all varieties, highlighting the importance of treating every single customer with a constant delivered value.

The same value delivered to everyone works in two ways. The first, and most cited, is to draw in the attention of newer customers. Awed by the service they received, they’ll be quick to share their find with their friends, especially if the brand is relatively undiscovered. Who doesn’t want the bragging rights to having signed up first for the next great service? Or, discovered the next greatest resource?

Beyond this, however, is how it prevents devaluation. No one wants to have experienced a new brand and invited their friends to join only to feel taken advantage of or not valued. This not only drives away the potential clients brought in but also the client that would have proven to be a valuable addition to your volunteer referral team. Think of Disney World. Literal generations make their pilgrimage time and time again to share the magic with those that have never experienced it, creating a feedback loop of positivity where not having gone is as rare as never having heard of the brand to begin with.

By nurturing your relationship with the referrals, you can enhance your bottom line growth.

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