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Have you invented something? Started your own business? Wrote a book? Created something new – a product or service?  Done something to breakout of the 9 to 5?  Have the odds stacked in your favor making the sweetest victory possible.


Independent Professionals, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Professional Service Providers, Accountants, Dentist, Massage Therapists, Beauty Salons,Hoteliers, Chefs – we know that your business brand often hinges on your personal brand.


Our services are perfect for your plans of world domination, no matter what those entail. We’ll ensure your connection with your audience is clear, precise and coordinated. It’s time to leave behind the antiquated notion that only one reality can get results.


At the level you feel comfortable with and a budget that makes sense.

Marketing Coach

You feel like you could do this if only you could know a bit more and what the best practices are without having to watch every video and read every article out there.  Your Marketing Coach is a seasoned small business marketer and will help you focus on and get results! Do you need to know to use Facebook Ads better? Would you like to see your social marketing help grow your list of quality prospects? Are you on LinkedIn but it’s really not garnering your new clients?

Marketing Strategist

We do the heavy lifting in measuring your marketing and provide a solid, next step strategic plan with tactics and actions to garner your goals. Too often we see people get lost in measuring the wrong thing, focusing on the items that aren’t at all moving them closer to their goal or distracted by that bright shiny object that they think is measuring their marketing.

Your Marketing Department

When you know you want us to handle all the details yet with your specific brand voice and cadence, then we can do it for you. From Email Marketing, Campaigns, Offers, Social Media, Online Reviews, Business Leads, Real Time Marketing, Building your customer database, Promote your business, and Collect valuable insights– we handle it all and give you the measurements from marketing that you need to steer the ship to profits and referrals. We have the expertise to get every last detail done – and done well

Ready to Level Up Your Relationships to Grow Your Business?

Compel instead of chase.

At Know, Like + Ignite (a.k.a. Team KLI), we offer training, coaching, implementation services.

Focused on marketing through online recommendations, referrals and appreciation, clients are provided services either “Done for You” or “Done With You” to increase referrals and business.

Our role is to serve as your character in your virtual and digital marketing reality. Crafted perfectly to navigate the social and digital minefield of a connected world, we offer you the ability to turn imagination into reality seamlessly.  We work with you to determine the best path to lead to the greatest potential. We map out with you your current goals and those you seek to achieve after leveling up beyond your current state. Then, when the battle plans are agreed upon, our team strikes with marketing precision, putting into action exactly what you need to garner more recommendations, referrals and return on relationships.

People speaking positively on your behalf. Advocating for you and telling their friends. That’s what we’re proactive, fanatical and focused on for you.

Overloaded and Unsure about what marketing to focus on – that delivers results?

We know that people recommending and inspiring others to do more business with you is the most powerful marketing that resuilts in: Visibility ➩ Credibility ➩ Likeability ➩ Profitabiliy (which includes Recommendations, Referrals & Reviews)

Our Marketing Expertise is Online and Onsite

Online: Social Influences Behavior

Social does influence behavior. When you stay engaged with current customers and attract new ones on social media, you’ll see more repeat business and revenue.Get real business results with repeat business, referrals and revenue. Your customers rely on social networks to guide what they purchase and who they buy it from. They are on their phones, checking in and on other’s recommendations, and checking on you.

Onsite: Consumer to Consumer Marketing Reaching and Inspiring Others to Do More Business with You

Simple to share

With free WiFi to your customers and reach all their social friends instantly. Your customers get access to free and secure WiFi when they log in using their Social Media accounts.

Loyalty made simple

Customers login to Free WiFi with social media and automatically enroll in your custom loyalty program. No downloads, no apps, no key cards, just have them login and send them intelligent rewards and offers.

Reward repeat customers

Send intelligently created rewards straight over Free WiFi to your in-store customers and have them share their rewards to their friends over social media bringing you more customers.

Simple to Reach

Make it easy for customers to share any deals, coupons, newsletters, or other material on their social networks.

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