Creating Content and Experiences
Worthy of Being Passed Person-to-Person

Use the most valuable form of marketing—the one that people trust above all others and the one that gets you more


Small Business/Startups

Started your own business? Found what you were good at and decided to make a living at it? Have a family owned business? Done something to breakout of the 9 to 5?


Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Attorneys, Coaches, Insurance & Investment Brokers, Health Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Spas, Salons, Food Trucks, Chefs – Is what you deliver your customer a service?


Authors, Inventors, Web Series Creators, Architects, Freelancers, Designers, Cosplayers, Larpers, Writers, Engineers, Game Designers, App Designers, Photographers, Artists – Have you crowdfunded a creation?


At the level you feel comfortable with and a budget that makes sense.

Content Creation & Curation

Writer’s block is real especially when you’re busy trying to take care of your customers, grow your business, and have a life. You know that positioning yourself to “be the expert” in your field means that you need to blog about, post about, and email about what you know. But, who has time? And, when you take a minute to sit down and do it – you don’t know what to write about. We create blog posts, social media posts, and emails for you. We curate content that shows that you know your stuff and you have resources. Even better we make sure people know what they need to know about you in a way that makes them want to share you with their friends


It’s not social “media” – it’s social. Period. Whatever tools or sites used really doesn’t matter. The goal is connection. Your buyer wants to be heard, valued, acknowledged, appreciated, and listened to. If you sell a product, sell an idea, or sell yourself – connections are where it’s at. We’ll make those connections for you. We can manage all your social or just a portion of it. Wherever you place us, you’ll get known, liked, and chosen


Yes, that’s sales, or a recommendation, a referral, a great review. Convert contacts to buyers. Convert strangers to advocates. Convert a compliment to a great review. Convert someone you kind of know to someone who refers business to you – all the time. Word of Mouth is the most valuable form of marketing—the one that people trust above all. We’ll create one for you or coach you on how to create a Word of Mouth system that gets you more.

Compel Instead of Chase

Discover Your Know, Like + Ignite System

At Know, Like + Ignite (a.k.a. Team KLI), everything we do is focused on Word of Mouth getting you more and better results.

Get people to speak positively about you and encourage people to hire you or buy from you without having to go get a marketing degree.

Without the trial and error.

KLI focuses on helping you get the people you know to encourage the people they know to do business with you. We want everybody talking about doing business with you!

Your business is online and offline. Your marketing should be, too.

We want you to succeed. We know what you sacrificed to do this. We know that figuring out how to keep the sales pipeline full keeps you up at night. Wondering when the next client will come and who’s the next one to go? We know that everybody told you this won’t work and a handful said this was a great idea!

We know that you told yourself that you’re crazy (may be more than a time or two?) And, we know that you’ve questioned every step – wondering why you wanted to do this in the first place? And, is the best way to bring a tremendous amount of business to my business?

We’re here so you feel empowered.

You get powerful and consistent word of mouth recommendations and referrals without having to spend all that time on trial and error.

That means you’re making money. And when it’s working – you’re working!

What if friends and contacts would send more business your way? And, customers were writing positive reviews? And, people were reading them and looking for you and they’re ready to buy from you? You’re getting more sales, faster sales, and have loyal customers and contacts who refer you. Don’t you want to scream (not in terror but a good way) whoohooo when you look at your sales? Happy days are here and the fun has arrived when you consistently get more business!

People speaking positively on your behalf. Advocating for you and telling their friends. That’s what we’re proactive, fanatical and focused on for you.