Make Relationships Profitable

Real Time Relationship Building & Real Time Marketing with Real Results

What stage of the marketing cycle are you stuck? Visible -> Credible -> Likeable -> Profitable

If You’re Not Measuring, You’re Not Marketing.

Three Marketing Solutions for you – Do It Yourself, Do It With You and Do It For You.

Do It Yourself

We’ve test driven, used, stretched, evaluated, submerged and turned upside down thousands of programs that small business owners can use to make their marketing work hard for them. Our Do It Yourself Services are made up of only the best of the best small business marketing tools that provide the most bang for your buck!

Do It With You

We do the heavy lifting in measuring your marketing and provide a solid, next step strategic plan with tactics and actions to garner your goals. Too often we see people get lost in measuring the wrong thing, focusing on the items that aren’t at all moving them closer to their goal or distracted by that bright shiny object that they think is measuring their marketing.

Do It For You

When you know you want us to handle all the details yet with your specific brand voice and cadence, then we can do it for you. From Email Marketing, Campaigns, Offers, Social Media, Online Reviews, Business Leads and Social Rise WiFi – we handle it all and give you the measurements from marketing that you need to steer the ship to profits and referrals. We have the expertise to get every last detail done – and done well.

Why chase when you can compel?

Know, Like + Ignite (also known as TeamKLI) is a Relationship Development Firm that works with small businesses to make relationships profitable. We provide real time relationship building, marketing and reputation management to help people speak positively on your behalf to their friends and family. We make sure that you are getting a profitable return on your relationships.

Focused on marketing through online recommendations, referrals and appreciation, clients are provided services either “Done for You” or “Done With You” to increase referrals and business.

At @TeamKLI we offer training, coaching,implementation services.

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising
  • Appreciation Marketing
  • Me to We Marketing: From Personal Brands to Business Brand



Yes, we do mean real estate agents that are members of the National Association of Realtors (we know that they know the value of association).


If you started your restaurant and there’s a lot of  “your personality” and your personal brand in your restaurant, then we can help!


Inventors, Authors, Creator of Programs – those who come to the market with a new product or idea! We delight in helping your idea grow.


Hoteliers, Spa Operators, Resort Owners, Health Providers and those who help people rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit.

People speaking positively on your behalf. Advocating for you and telling their friends. That’s what we’re proactive, fanatical and focused on for you.

Overloaded and Unsure about what marketing to focus on – that delivers results?

We know that people recommending and inspiring others to do more business with you is the most powerful marketing that resuilts in: Visibility ➩ Credibility ➩ Likeability ➩ Profitabiliy (which includes Recommendations, Referrals & Reviews)

Our Marketing Expertise is Online and Onsite

Online: Social Influences Behavior

Social does influence behavior. When you stay engaged with current customers and attract new ones on social media, you’ll see more repeat business and revenue.Get real business results with repeat business, referrals and revenue. Your customers rely on social networks to guide what they purchase and who they buy it from. They are on their phones, checking in and on other’s recommendations, and checking on you.

Onsite: Consumer to Consumer Marketing Reaching and Inspiring Others to Do More Business with You

Simple to share

With free WiFi to your customers and reach all their social friends instantly. Your customers get access to free and secure WiFi when they log in using their Social Media accounts.

Loyalty made simple

Customers login to Free WiFi with social media and automatically enroll in your custom loyalty program. No downloads, no apps, no key cards, just have them login and send them intelligent rewards and offers.

Reward repeat customers

Send intelligently created rewards straight over Free WiFi to your in-store customers and have them share their rewards to their friends over social media bringing you more customers.

Simple to Reach

Make it easy for customers to share any deals, coupons, newsletters, or other material on their social networks.

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