5 Facts that Will Surprise You and Change Your Marketing

A recent Kissmetrics post, https://blog.kissmetrics.com/shocking-social-media-facts/, reveals some important facts that marketers need to keep in mind in developing their social media strategy.At the core of this is the importance and the foundation that email marketing has within the whole social strategy.The Pinterest stats in this video were provided by Piqua. And, the Kissmetrics post, provides insightful bullet points of lessons and next steps.These 5 Lessons from the Kissmetrics blog posts are the most helpful takeaways from the statistics:

1.Spend more time and money on email marketing than on social media marketing.
2. If you want engaged traffic, spend time optimizing YouTube.
3. Stick it out with Facebook.
4. Use Pinterest. And be patient.
5. If you’re going to use Twitter, stay on top of it.

The entire blog post is well worth the read.


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TWITTER CHAT TIP #1 – Should You Start Your Own Twitterchat?



The Cost of the Unhappy Customer

It seems like the first instinct now when you’re dissatisfied with a company is to post it on social media. According to Vision Critical, there are large costs associated with an unhappy customer.

Take a look and see how that unhappiness  has reach and influence fueling it.



Planning a Successful Event Campaign

15 Best Practices for Running a Successful Event Campaign

Events are a great way to deepen relationships with current customers and can help you attract new customers as well.

When done right, events are also one of the best ways to get people to take the next step from interacting with you on Facebook or reading your newsletters, to actually visiting your store, restaurant, or office.

But successful events don’t just happen overnight.

To create a successful event campaign, you need to come up with a strategy that incorporates your different marketing channels — like email, social media, mobile and web — so that you can promote your event, reach the right audience, and drive meaningful business results.

That’s why we created this guide.

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to plan a successful event campaign that will attract new customers and help you do more business.

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Author Bio:

Ryan Pinkham is interested in helping small businesses and non-profits recognize their full-potential through marketing and social media. He wants to hear your story and learn the creative and innovative ways that you’re marketing your business. He’s worked in small businesses his entire life and now is excited to work with them!

Email Marketing Tip

Today I reviewed someone’s email that they sent out to their contact list and they were curious because they feel like they weren’t getting any response to their email. What I saw was that they had a picture–a JPEG, actually posted in their email, and that’s all there is to it! There was nothing else with it other than of course a subject line and the picture.


Well I explained to them that first of all, Gmail’s default is that we don’t see pictures. So it won’t display the picture, unless they click on a link that allow photos to show up in the email. So know that about 65% of the people got your email, but they probably didn’t see the message since it is in a photo format. What they saw is a big “X”, and unless they have a really strong relationship with you or know you, the chances of them clicking on the little link “This is display images” is small to none.

But let’s say that they saw the photo. And you have a bunch of information there that cater to different customers. Another problem for you as a marketer is that you will not have a way to gauge which of your audience is more interested in what information, or item because they were all just in one photo. What you can do to increase your email marketing is to get rid of that one picture. Or, don’t just put a photo in there and expect marketing returns. You have to give your audience something in writing that they can click on to, or gather more details about what you are sharing.

Another tip, make sure to make it mobile friendly. Most people read their emails on a smartphone, and if you want your message to get across, you have to make sure that your message is easy to access and readable. Test out your email before sending it out, both on your desktop and smartphone, to ensure that they receive a nice copy. If you are targeting in your local area, and you have issues of slow mobile internet connections, make sure that your photo isn’t too big so it doesn’t take long to load on smartphones.

Take a look at your email and if you’re thinking about doing a picture email, stop right now, don’t take a picture, don’t change a PDF to a picture, stop right now, instead, pick a part of a text and put it into an email. Or mix it both of them well, with just the right balance of words and photo to give your customers more for their time. As you make such simple changes, you will soon notice responses from your email marketing.

Author Bio:

Justin - Digital Assets Manager and CraftsmanJustin Duron is Digital Assets Manager | Craftsman for Know, Like + Ignite.   Justin manages and monitors the reports, data, insights and gives us a look at what’s actually working and not just the “bright shiny” vanity numbers! 

Are You Ready for Event Season?

By Giles Cassels

Event SeasonEvent season is here! Are you ready?

Do you have everything in place to:

  • Set up and send out invitations to potential attendees?
  • Provide a simple, smart online registration experience to get commitments that will stick?
  • Collect payments for your ticketed event during the registration process?
  • Track your success against sign-up goals in real time so you can optimize your outreach?
  • Efficiently collect payments and donations at the door and during your event?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, congratulations! You are on your way to a well-attended and financially successful event.

If you answered “no” to a few of those questions, don’t worry. You still have time, but the time to act is now. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your event is successful.

Send impactful invitations. Capture valuable data.

Online event planning services make it easier than ever to create and send great invitations that will build the kind of excitement around your event that drives attendance. Whatever type of event you’re hosting, you can work with a variety of customizable templates that make creating attractive, eye-catching, and informative invitations quick and easy.

You can send your invitations via email and have them direct potential attendees to your online event registration page where they can provide you with a firm RSVP. You’ll want to make sure that your registration is easy to complete, gives just the right amount of detail, and collects just the right amount of information.

By having people register online, you can easily track responses, measure your progress, and collect valuable data about your attendees that will help you measure success and optimize future events.

Collect payments during registration for greater success

If your event is one that requires payment to attend, you may want to make it a part of the online registration process. This gives your guests the chance to pay (using PayPal) while they’re already providing their information.

Including a payment option as part of your online registration process not only makes it easy and convenient for your guests, but it can save you time and headaches that come from trying to collect money later. Pre-paying makes it even more likely that the folks who registered for your event will show up too.

Gather payments and donations at the door and during your event

If you’ll be collecting payments or donations as people arrive or throughout the event, you might want to consider using an innovative mobile payment technology like PayPal Here. These easy-to-use credit card readers that connect to a smartphone or iPad, let you swipe a guest’s credit card and then email their receipt.

You can even have folks moving through the crowd at your event, collecting donations from guests at their tables or as they mingle. Imagine, you make a call for donations, and the money starts flowing in immediately. Not only that, but the funds you receive will usually appear in your account in just minutes.

Original Post: http://blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/event-marketing/event-planning-2/